First School in the UK to use Second Life for Lessons

The Newsround website is featuring a story about a school using second life for lessons.

Children taught in Second Life

Interestingly, in the video, they claim that “Acklam Grange is the first school in the country to use Second Life for lessons”, which I’m not sure is true.

Whilst I agree that Second Life has a great deal of potential, I’ve not been able to use it in my teaching yet. I would be interested to discover that this isn’t the first school to use Second Life, and how successful other people have been at using it in an educationally beneficial way.

One thought on “First School in the UK to use Second Life for Lessons

  1. Hello Anthony! My husband and I work in Second Life. Acklam Grange is expanding their real life school facilities soon and we were contracted to replicate the forthcoming building in Second Life, so that students and faculty can make themselves at home in their new school before it even exists. We had a lot of fun making their new virtual home and while this video doesn’t actually feature the school we’ve been building, it was really nice to see the students interacting with that environment.

    There are literally hundreds of educators in the main part of Second Life, and many universities have official spaces there now. (We built some of those, too.) For example, my husband teaches new media at a university here in the UK and his students create artwork in SL all the time. I’m sure if you were looking for ideas about how to teach using SL as a platform, there are many resources to explore. Linden Lab themselves just hosted a week long fair for educators and seem quite dedicated to helping teachers.

    The students in this video are too young to be in the main Second Life area. They use a space called the Teen Grid, where anyone wishing to interact with them must go through a special background check and screening process, and then get permission from the school. I would not be surprised to hear that Acklam Grange is the first school to embrace this technology for students at this age.

    If you ever had any other questions about this, I’d happily do my best to answer them.


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